Why You Use A Humidifier

Why You Use A Humidifier


What is the function of humidifier?

1, Can increase the moisture in the air, the air moist.

2, Can make the air fresher, eliminate the bad smell.

3, Can provide water for the skin filling water.

4, Add fragrance, it can improve the quality of people's sleep.

5, Can treat as ornaments, the indoor decoration degrees.

Why You Use A Humidifier
Wi-Fi Smart Humidifier
Why You Use A Humidifier

The weather is gradually getting colder. In addition to the punctual arrival of smog, the dry indoor air also makes people suffer. However, the weather in the north is cold and dry, and it is the season when drinking more water is not enough. Therefore, the humidifier market has also ushered in sales. Peak season, but do you really know about humidifiers? Think buying just one will satisfy your "craving"?

First of all, for those who don't care, first tell you why you use a humidifier?

According to the national indoor air standard, the indoor humidity should be controlled between 30%-60% during heating in winter, but can the air humidity of your home be achieved? If you can't reach it, you have to be careful. First of all, the dry environment is the main reason for the increase of dust and suspended particles floating. Bacteria like to attach to these dusts and endanger the health of family members.

Secondly, in a dry environment, you will find that you will wake up every morning with a dry mouth, tight muscles, and a low mood, and because the dry environment causes muscle fibers to shrink due to water loss, it will lead to irreversible wrinkles on the skin over time. It will also dry out the wooden furniture.

What kind of humidifier is good?

Let's first understand that the market is the mainstream humidifier. The current humidifier is divided into three types: ultrasonic, electric heating, 

and pure!

Ultrasonic humidifier: Ultrasonic humidification refers to the use of high-efficiency ultrasonic vibration to break up water into small particles with a diameter of only 1-5 microns, and then use a pneumatic device to blow these small particles into the air. This humidifier has a humidifying speed.

It has the advantages of low power consumption and long service life, and the price is relatively cheap, but the disadvantage is that it requires high water.

Electric humidifier: The electric humidifier vaporizes water through an electric heater and sprays the steam into the air to achieve the purpose of humidifying the air. This humidifier has high humidification efficiency, does not require much water quality, and does not appear "white powder" phenomenon. It is suitable for use in various regions, but it consumes a lot of electricity and has a relatively short service life.

Is Sleeping with a humidifier good for you?

Using a humidifier while you sleep has some health benefits that are apparent. For example, you will notice that you struggle less with dry skin, sinus problems, bloody noses, and cracked lips. You may also feel some relief from congestion if you have a cold.

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