Some use of humidifiers in daily life

Some use of humidifiers in daily life


Here is some advice about how to use the humidifiers in daily life.

Some use of humidifiers in daily life
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Some use of humidifiers in daily life
※ Drip a few drops of peppermint essential oil or toilet water in the humidifier tank to relieve nasal congestion.
※ Drip a little perfume or essential oil in the water tank can improve the quality of sleep.
※ Put a small amount of orange peel to the water tank to make the air fresh and increase the fragrance of the room.
※ Some humidifiers can be used as medical atomizers to treat respiratory diseases.
※ You can relieve the dry eyes by the humidifier mist.
※ Burns can be cooled by the spray of humidifier to relieve pain
※ After makeup, let the water spray on the face two times to moisture.
※ Turn on the humidifiers in the room to prevent the wall cracking just brushed, when you decorate the house in dry season.
※ Indoor humidification can effectively keep wood furniture from deformation.
※ Putting a humidifier near the computer can eliminate static electricity.
※ When cutting onions, turn on the humidifier to avoid tears.
※ After blowing the stamp on the envelope with a humidifier, you can easily tear it down.
※ A few drops of vinegar can be dripped when cleaning the water tank, which can reduce the scale in the tank.

The above is some use of humidifiers and if you want to get more details or buy humidifiers, please contact us.

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